In a life threatening emergency dial Triple Zero (000)

In a life threatening emergency dial Triple Zero (000)
ACT Public Hospitals

Canberra Hospital

5124 0000

Calvary Hospital

6201 6111

Mental Health

Call Mental Health Triage on

1800 629 354

(free call except from mobiles or public phones) or

6205 1065

Poisons Hotline

For a poison emergency in Australia call


Drug and Alcohol Help Line

The Drug and Alcohol Help Line is available 24-hours, 7 days a week on

5124 9977

Health Protection Service

For after hours urgent public health matters including environmental health, radiation safety, food poisoning and communicable disease management phone:

(02) 6205 1700


24 hour health advice

1800 022 222

ACT State Emergency Service

Emergency help
during flood or storms

132 500

Approved Routes for 14.5m Controlled Access Bus

View the list of approved routes and areas (PDF 1.1MB) Word version (446KB).

RoadFromTo Restrictions/Conditions (if applicable)
Adelaide Avenue Cotter Rd Capital Circle  
Agar St Ginninderra Dr Masterman St  
Aikman Drive Ginninderra Dr Emu Bank  
Ainslie Avenue Cooyong St Gooreen St  
Ainsworth St Kitchener St Mawson Dr  
Akuna St London Cct Cooyong St  
Albany St Collie St Gladstone St  
Alderson Place Tralee St End  
Alfred Hill Drive Kingsford Smith Dr Alpen St  
Alinga St East Row Marcus Clarke St  
Allsop St Childers St Marcus Clarke St  
Alpen St Alfred Hill Dr Copland Dr  
Anketell St Athllon Dr (north intersection) Athllon Dr (south intersection)  
Anthony Rolfe Avenue Gundaroo Dr Kate Crace St  
Antill St (1) Northbourne Ave Madigan St  
Antill St (2) Knox St Aspinall St  
Anzac Parade Limestone Ave/Fairbairn Ave Constitution Ave  
Archdall St Osburn Dr Ginninderra Dr  
Arnott St ACT/NSW Border End  
Ashkanasy Crescent Copland Dr Clancy St  
Ashley Drive Sternberg Cres Johnson Dr  
Aspinall St Antill St Stirling Ave  
Athllon Drive Hindmarsh Dr Drakeford Dr (south intersection)  
Baddeley Crescent Kingsford Smith Dr Alpen St  
Badham St Cape St Antill St  
Baillieu Court Lysaght St Lysaght St  
Baillieu Lane Baillieu Court Heffernan St  
Balcombe St Sidney Nolan St Box Hill Avenue  
Baldwin Drive Ginninderra Dr William Slim Dr  
Bandjalong Crescent Caswell Drive Bindubi St  
Bangalay Crescent Streeton Dr Carbeen St  
Barr Smith Avenue Hurtle Ave Athllon Dr  
Barraclough Crescent Clive Steele Ave Ashley Dr  
Barrier St Ipswich St Newcastle St No right turn permitted into Ipswich St.
Barry Drive Northbourne Ave Fairfax St  
Barton Highway ACT/NSW border Northbourne Ave  
Bateson Road Yamba Dr Palmer St  
Battye St Haydon Dr Leverrier Cr  
Beaconsfield St Iron Knob St Tom Price St  
Beasley St (1) Athllon Dr Lambrigg St  
Beasley St (2) Wilkins St Marshall St  
Beetaloo St Hawker Pl Murranji St  
Belconnen Way Fairfax St Kingsford Smith Dr  
Benham St Isabella Dr Halley St (south intersection)  
Benjamin Way Emu Bank Belconnen Way  
Bennelong Crescent Lachlan St (south intersection) Lachlan St (north intersection)  
Bindubi St Belconnen Way William Hovell Dr  
Bingley Crescent Daley Cr (south intersection) Daley Cr (north intersection)  
Blackwood Terrace Mulley St Dixon Dr  
Boldrewood St Barry Dr David St  
Bowman St Redfern St (west intersection) Redfern St (east intersection)  
Box Hill Avenue Pockett Ave Tharwa Dr (north intersection)  
Bradfield St Phillip Ave Melba St  
Bramston St Partridge St Bugden Ave  
Braybrooke St Ginninderra Dr Masterman St  
Bremer St Captain Cook Cr La Perouse St  
Brierly St Hindmarsh Dr Liardet St (northern intersection)  
Brindabella Circuit Pialligo Ave Pialligo Ave Full circuit
Brindabella Road Cotter Rd Mt Franklin Rd (Piccadilly Circus)  
Brisbane Avenue Wentworth Ave Kings Ave  
Brookes St Lysaght St Sandford St  
Buckland St Grimwade St Brookes St  
Bugden Avenue (1) Ashley Dr Castleston Cr (south intersection)  
Bugden Avenue (2) Bramston St Sternberg Cr  
Burrinjuck Crescent Dixon Dr (north intersection) Renmark St  
Caley Crescent La Perouse St Carnegie Cr  
Callam St Hindmarsh Dr Launceston St  
Callan St (east & west of Vicars St) East end from Vicars St West end from Vicars St  
Callaway Crescent Jim Pike Ave (south intersection) Jim Pike Ave (north intersection)  
Cameron Avenue Aikman Dr Benjamin Way  
Campbell St Chisholm St Cox St  
Canberra Avenue (1) ACT/NSW border Hume Pl  
Canberra Avenue (2) Hume Pl Manuka Cir  
Canberra Avenue (3) Manuka Cir State Cir  
Canberra Avenue Service Road (1) Whyalla St Lithgow St  
Canberra Avenue Service Road (2) Dalby St Leeton St  
Cape St Challis St Badham St  
Capital Circle Adelaide Ave Commonwealth Ave  
Captain Cook Crescent (1) Bremer St Canberra Ave/Manuka Cir  
Captain Cook Crescent (2) Sturt Ave/Jerrabomberra Ave Carnegie Cr  
Carbeen St Bangalay Cr Hindmarsh Dr  
Carnegie Crescent Captain Cook Cr Monaro Cr  
Carruthers St (1) Denison St McCulloch St  
Carruthers St (2) Throssell St Theodore St  
Casey Crescent Outtrim Ave Downard St  
Castleton Crescent Bugden Ave (south intersection) Partridge St  
Caswell Drive Belconnen Way Glenloch Interchange  
Challis St Antill St Cape St  
Chan St Lathlain St Benjamin Way  
Charleston St Erindale Dr Clive Steele Ave  
Cheney Place Essington St Crace Pl  
Chewings St Petterd St McGinness St  
Childers St University Ave Allsop St  
Chisholm St Limestone Ave Campbell St  
Clancy St Ashkansay Cr Heydon Cr  
Clare Dennis Avenue Preddey Way Woodcock Dr  
Clarey Crescent Kingsford Smith Dr Owen Dixon Dr  
Clive Steele Avenue Charleston St Barraclough Cr  
Cohen St Emu Bank Nettlefold St  
College St (1) Lathlain St Benjamin Way  
College St (2) Hennessy St Haydon Dr  
Collie St Newcastle St Wollongong St  
Commonwealth Avenue Capital Circle Vernon Circle  
Companion Crescent Ginninderra Dr Kingsford Smith Dr  
Comrie St McBryde Cr Sternberg Cr  
Constitution Avenue Reg Saunders Way London Cct  
Cooyong St Northbourne Ave Coranderrk St  
Copland Drive Ginninderra Dr Owen Dixon Dr  
Coppins Crossing Road William Hovell Dr John Gorton Dr  
Coranderrk St Cooyong St Parkes Way  
Cotter Road Adelaide Ave Brindabella Rd  
Coulter Drive Ginninderra Dr Belconnen Way  
Cowlishaw St Anketell St Holwell St  
Cowper St Limestone Ave Antill St  
Cox St Campbell St O'Connell St  
Cunningham St Wentworth Ave The Causeway  
Dacre St Hoskins St Dacre St  
Dairy Road Newcastle St End  
Dalby St Mildura St Canberra Ave  
Daley Crescent Tillyard Dr (south intersection) Tillyard Dr (north intersection)  
Daley Road Ward Rd North Rd  
Dalley Crescent Southern Cross Dr Macrossan Cr (north intersection)  
Dalrymple St Hindmarsh Dr Goyder St  
Darling St  Lysaght St Sandford St  
Darwinia Terrace Perry Dr Hindmarsh Dr  
Denison St Carruthers St Strickland Cr  
Dickson Place Badham St Cowper St  
Dixon Drive (1) Blackwood Tce Burrinjuck Cr (north intersection)  
Dixon Drive Hindmarsh Dr Burrinjuck Cr (south intersection)  
Donaldson St Gooreen St Limestone Ave  
Doonkuna St Donaldson St Ainslie Ave  
Downard St Duggan St Casey Cr  
Drake-Brockman Drive William Hovell Dr Spofforth St  
Drakeford Drive Sulwood Dr Tharwa Dr  
Duggan St Downard St Outtrim Ave  
Dumas St William Slim Dr William Webb Dr  
Dunstan St McCulloch St Throssell St  
Eade St Battye St Vowels Cr  
Eardley St Thynne St Haydon Dr  
East Row London Cct Alinga St  
Eastern Valley Way Belconnen Way Emu Bank  
Eastlake Parade Wentworth Ave Eyre St  
Ebden St Wakefield Ave Tyson St  
Edinburgh Avenue Parkes Way London Cct  
Ellerston Avenue Johnson Dr Ashley Dr  
Ellery Crescent Liversidge St Marcus Clarke St  
Elouera St Donaldson St Fawkner St  
Emu Bank (1) Aikman Dr Cohen St  
Emu Bank (2) Benjamin Way Joynton Smith Dr  
Erindale Drive Long Gully Rd Drakeford Dr  
Erldunda Circuit Murranji St (east intersection) Murranji St (west intersection)  
Ernest Cavanagh St Gozzard St Gungahlin Pl  
Essington St Vicars St Lysaght St  
Eucumbene Drive Cotter Rd Hindmarsh Dr  
Eyre St (1) Eastlake Parade The Causeway  
Eyre St (2) Wentworth Ave Canberra Ave  
Fairbairn Avenue Anzac Pde/Limestone Ave Pialligo Ave  
Fairfax St Miller St Belconnen Way  
Fawkner St Elouera St Girrahween St  
Federal Highway ACT/NSW border Barton Highway  
Felton St Essington St End  
Findlay St Kinsella St Fullagar St  
Flack St Harwick Cr Moyes Cr  
Flemington Road Northbourne Ave Kate Crace St  
Flinders Way Manuka Cir Franklin St  
Florey Drive Southern Cross Dr Ginninderra Dr  
Forsythe St Paperbark St Pockett Ave  
Franklin St Flinders Way Captain Cook Cres  
Fullagar Crescent Findlay St Starke St  
Garran Road Liversidge St Ward Rd  
Gaunson Crescent Langdon Ave Sulwood Dr  
Gawler Crescent Hopetoun Cct Melbourne Ave  
Geelong St Canberra Ave End  
Giles St Wentworth Ave Canberra Ave  
Gillespie St Shumack St Springvale Dr  
Gilmore Crescent Kitchener St (south intersection) Kitchener St (north intersection)  
Ginninderra Drive (1) Florey Dr Mouat St  
Ginninderra Drive (2) Archdall St Lance Hill Ave  
Girrahween St (1) Lonsdale St Northbourne Ave  
Girrahween St (2) Fawkner St Torrens St  
Gladstone St (Fyshwick) Newcastle St Tennant St  
Glenloch Interchange (1) Caswell Drive Tuggeranong Parkway  
Glenloch Interchange (2) William Hovell Dr Tuggeranong Parkway  
Golden Grove Monaro Cr La Perouse St  
Goldstein Crescent Isabella Dr Hambidge Cr  
Goodwin St Wattle St Mouat St  
Gooreen St Ainslie Ave Donaldson St  
Goyder St Dalrymple St Tallara Pwy  
Gozzard St The Valley Avenue Anthony Rolfe Ave  
Grimwade St Lysaght St Sandford St  
Groom St Kent St Carruthers St  
Gundaroo Drive Barton Hwy Anthony Rolfe Ave  
Gungahlin Drive Gundaroo Dr Belconnen Way  
Gungahlin Place Ernest Cavanagh St Hibberson St  
Halley St Benham St Hambidge Cr  
Hambidge Crescent Heagney Cr Goldstein Cr  
Hardwick Crescent Starke St (north intersection) Starke St (south intersection)  
Hawker Place Springvale Dr Beetaloo St  
Haydon Drive Ginninderra Dr Belconnen Way  
Heard St Wilkins St Mawson Dr  
Heffernan St Grimwade St Darling St  
Hennessy St College St Eastern Valley Way  
Heydon Crescent Clancy St Owen Dixon Dr  
Hibberson St Kate Crace St Gozzard St  
Hindmarsh Drive Canberra Ave Eucumbene Dr  
Hirschfeld Crescent Osburn Dr (east intersection) Osburn Dr (west intersection)  
Holwell St Pitman St Cowlishaw St  
Hopetoun Circuit Schlich St Macgregor St  
Hoskins St Well Station Dr Nirta Pl  
Hospital Road Bateson Rd Gilmore Cr  
Huddart Court Lysaght St Lysaght St  
Hume Place Wentworth Ave Wentworth Ave  
Hurtle Avenue Drakeford Dr Barr Smith Ave  
Ipima St Torrens St Limestone Ave  
Ipswich St Canberra Ave Newcastle St  
Iron Knob St Tom Price St Newcastle St  
Isa St Barrier St Newcastle St  
Isabella Drive Monaro Hwy Drakeford Dr  
Jane Sutherland St Tom Roberts Ave Paperbark St  
Jerrabomberra Avenue Captain Cook Cr Sir Harold Raggatt Dr  
Jim Pike Avenue (1) Point Hut Rd Woodcock Dr  
Jim Pike Avenue (2) Knoke Ave Callaway Cr (north intersection)  
John Cleland Crescent Coulter Dr Ginninderra Dr  
John Gorton Drive Coppins Crossing Rd Cotter Rd  
Johns Place Sheppard St End  
Johnson Drive Were St Drakeford Dr  
Josephson St Luxton St Nettlefold St  
Joynton Smith Drive Coulter Dr Emu Bank  
Kembla St Gladstone St Wollongong St  
Kemble Court Sandford St Sandford St  
Kent St Kitchener St Groom St  
Kerrigan St (1) Lance Hill Ave Lhotsky St  
Kerrigan St (2) Shakespeare Cr (east intersection) Tillyard Dr  
King Edward Terrace Commonwealth Ave Parkes Pl East  
King George Terrace Parkes Pl East Walpole Cr  
Kings Avenue (1) National Cct Russell Dr  
Kings Avenue (2) State Circle Parliament Dr  
Kings Highway ACT/NSW border ACT/NSW border  
Kingsford Smith Drive (1) Companion Cr William Hovell Dr  
Kingsford Smith Drive (2) Verbrugghen St Alfred Hill Dr  
Kingsford Smith Drive (3) Baddeley Cr Clarey Cr  
Kingsley St Rimmer St Barry Dr  
Kinsella St Drake Brockman Dr Findlay St  
Kitchener St (1) Ainsworth St Gilmore Cr (south intersection)  
Kitchener St (2) Gilmore Cr (north intersection) Wisdom St  
Knoke Avenue Tharwa Dr Woodcock Dr  
Knox St Antill St Stirling Ave  
Kootara Crescent McMillan Cr Matina St  
Krefft St Kingsford Smith Dr Radcliffe Cr  
La Perouse St Bremer St Golden Gr  
Lachlan St (1) Redfern St Bennelong Cr (south intersection)  
Lachlan St (2) Bennelong Cr (north intersection) Coulter Dr  
Lambrigg St Beasley St Lambrigg St Srv Rd  
Lambrigg St Service Road Pudney St Lambrigg St  
Lance Hill Avenue Ginninderra Dr Kerrigan St  
Langdon Avenue Sternberg Cr Athllon Dr  
Lanyon Drive Monaro Hwy ACT/NSW Border  
Lathlain St Luxton St Belconnen Way  
Launceston St Yamba Dr Marrawah St  
Laverton Avenue Pearce Ave Scherger Dr  
Lawson Crescent Edinburgh Ave Lennox Crossing  
Leeton St Mildura St Canberra Ave Srv Rd  
Lennox Crossing Lawson Cr Liversidge St  
Leonora St Beaconsfield St Iron Knob St  
Leverrier St Battye St Masterman St  
Lewis Luxton Avenue Woodcock Dr (south intersection) Preddey Way  
Lhotsky St Tillyard Dr Kerrigan St  
Limestone Avenue Wakefield  Avenue Anzac Pde/Fairbairn Ave  
Liardet St Macnally St Brierly St (north intersection)  
Lithgow St Canberra Ave End  
Liversidge St Bachelors Lane Ellery Cr  
London Circuit Constitution Ave Constitution Ave Full circuit
Long Gully Road Yamba Dr/Erindale Dr Mugga Lane  
Lonsdale St Cooyong St  Girrahween St  
Luxton St Coulter Dr Lathlain St  
Lyell St Barrier St Newcastle St  
Lysaght St Hoskins St Flemington Rd  
Lyttleton Crescent Bindubi St Redfern St  
Macarthur Avenue Northbourne Ave Fairfax St  
Macgregor St Strickland Cr Hopetoun Cct  
Macnally St Namatjira Dr Liardet St  
Macnaughton St Drake-Brockman Dr Starke St  
Macpherson St David St Macarthur Ave  
Macrossan Crescent Dalley Cr (north intersection) Dalley Cr (south intersection)  
Madigan St Phillip Ave Antill St  
Majura Avenue Officer Cr Phillip Ave  
Majura Parkway Federal Hwy Monaro Hwy  
Majura Road Majura Pwy Fairbairn Ave  
Manning Clark Crescent The Valley Ave Flemington Rd  
Manuka Circle Canberra Ave Canberra Ave  
Marcus Clarke St Edinburgh Ave Barry Dr  
Marrawah St Theodore St Launceston St  
Marshall St Lambrigg St Beasley St  
Mary Potter Circuit Haydon Dr (south intersection) Haydon Dr (north intersection)  
Maryborough St Gladstone St Wollongong St  
Masterman St Braybrooke St End  
Matina St Kootara Cr Goyder St  
Mawson Drive Heard St Ainsworth St  
McBryde Crescent Ashley Dr Comrie St  
McCaughey St Barry Dr David St  
McCulloch St Carruthers St Dunstan St  
McEacharn Place Essington St End  
McGinness St Ross Smith Cr Chewings St  
McIntyre St Sturt Ave Stuart St  
McMillan Crescent Kootara Cr Sturt Ave  
Melba St Antill St Bradfield St  
Melbourne Avenue Gawler Cr Parliament Dr  
Melrose Drive Yarra Glen Athllon Dr  
Mildura St Canberra Ave Wentworth Ave  
Miller St David St Wattle St  
Monaro Crescent Carnegie Cr Golden Gr  
Monaro Highway ACT/NSW border Majura Pwy  
Morshead Drive Kings Ave Pialligo Ave  
Mort St Cooyong St Girrahween St  
Mouat St Ginninderra Dr Northbourne Ave  
Mount Ainslie Drive Fairbain Avenue End  
Mountain Road Railway St Oaks Estate Saleyards  
Moyes Crescent Flack St Southern Cross Dr  
Moynihan St William Webb Dr Copland Dr  
Mugga Lane Hindmarsh Dr Monaro Hwy  
Mulley St Streeton Dr Blackwood Tce  
Murdoch St Northbourne Ave Goodwin St  
Murranji St (1) Erldunda Cct (west intersection) Belconnen Way  
Murranji St (2) Beetaloo St Erldunda Cct (east intersection)  
Namatjira Drive Streeton Dr Sulwood Dr  
National Circuit Melbourne Ave Kings Ave  
Nettlefold St Coulter Dr Lathlain St  
Newcastle St Monaro Hwy Canberra Ave  
Nirta Place Hoskins St End  
Norman Lindsay St Tharwa Dr Sidney Nolan St  
Norse Road Canberra Ave Railway St  
North Road Daley Rd Barry Dr  
Northbourne Avenue Federal Hwy Vernon Circle  
Novar St Kent St Schlich St  
Nyrang St Canberra Ave Mildura St  
Oaks Estate Road Pialligo Ave Railway St  
O’Connell St Cox St Wakefield Ave  
Officer Crescent Tyson St Majura Ave  
Ogilby Crescent Coulter Dr Petterd St  
O’Loghlen St Kingsford Smith Dr Onslow St  
Onslow St O’Loghlen St Dalley Cr  
Opperman Avenue Uriarra Rd John Gorton Dr  
O’Reilly St Southern Cross Dr Osburn Dr  
Osburn Drive Hirshfeld Cr (east intersection) Archdall St  
Outtrim Avenue (1) Johnson Dr Duggan St  
Outtrim Avenue (2) Casey Cr Were St  
Owen Dixon Drive Clarey Cr Heydon Cr  
Paddys River Road Tidbinbilla Rd Laurel Camp Rd  
Palmer St Hindmarsh Dr Gilmore Cr  
Paperbark St Forsythe St Jane Sutherland St  
Parkes Place East King George Tce King Edward Tce  
Parkes Way Glenloch Interchange Kings Ave  
Parkinson St Brierly St Namatjira Dr  
Parkwood Road Macfarlane Burnet Ave/Britten-Jones Dr ACT/NSW border  
Parliament Drive Melbourne Ave Melbourne Ave Full circuit
Partridge St Castleton Cr Bramston St  
Pearce Avenue Richmond Ave Laverton Ave  
Pelle St Dacre St Hoskins St  
Perry Drive Namatjira Dr Darwinia Tce  
Petterd St Ogilby Cr Chewings St  
Phillip Avenue (1) Majura Ave Madigan St  
Phillip Avenue (2) Windeyer St Bradfield St  
Pialligo Avenue Morshead Dr Sutton Rd  
Pirie St Newcastle St Barrier St  
Pitman St Anketell St Athllon Dr Includes Tuggeranong Bus Interchange
Pockett Avenue Box Hill Ave Tharwa Dr  
Point Hut Road Jim Pike Ave Tidbinbilla Rd  
Preddey Way Lewis Luxton Ave Clare Dennis Ave  
Pudney St Lambrigg St Lambrigg St Srv Rd  
Purdie St Haydon Dr Battye St  
Queen Victoria Terrace National Cct Walpole Cr  
Railway St Norse Rd Oaks Estate Rd  
Randwick Road Barton Highway Flemington Rd  
Ratcliffe Crescent Southern Cross Dr (east intersection) Kreftt St  
Raws Crescent Sheppard St Sheppard St  
Redfern St (1) Bindubi St Bowman St (west intersection)  
Redfern St (2) Bowman St (east intersection) Lachlan St  
Redfern St (3) Templeton St Coulter Dr  
Reg Saunders Way Russell Dr Constitution Ave  
Renmark St Burrinjuck Cr Eucumbene Dr  
Richmond Avenue Scherger Dr Pearce Ave  
Rimmer St Childers St Kingsley St  
Ross Smith Crescent McGinness St Wirraway Cr  
Rudd St Marcus Clarke St Childers St  
Russell Drive Morshead Dr Reg Saunders Way  
Sandford St Gungahlin Dr Flemington Rd  
Sawmill Circuit Tralee St Sawmill Cct  
Scherger Drive Pialligo Ave Laverton Ave  
Schlich St Novar St Hopetoun Cct  
Scollay St Reed St (North) Athllon Dr  
Shakespeare Crescent Kerrigan St (west intersection) Kerrigan St (east intersection)  
Sheppard St Monaro Hwy Lanyon Dr  
Shumack St Coulter Dr Gillespie St  
Sidney Nolan St Norman Lindsay St Balcombe St  
Sir Harold Raggatt Drive Jerrabomberra Ave End  
Sleigh Place Sheppard St End  
Southern Cross Drive Coulter Dr Macfarlane Burnet Ave/Britten-Jones Dr  
Soward Way Drakeford Dr Athllon Dr  
Springvale Drive Gillespie St Hawker Pl  
Starke St Southern Cross Dr (east intersection) Southern Cross Dr (west intersection)  
State Circle Canberra Ave Canberra Ave Full circuit
Sternberg Crescent Langdon Ave Erindale Dr  
Stockdill Drive Spofforth St End  
Streeton Drive Hindmarsh Dr Cotter Rd  
Strickland Crescent Denison St Macgregor St  
Stuart St McIntyre St Captain Cook Cres  
Sturt Avenue McMillan Cr McIntyre St  
Sulwood Drive Namatjira Dr Erindale Dr  
Sutton Road ACT/NSW border Pialligo Ave  
Sydney Avenue State Circle End  
Templestowe Avenue Tom Roberts Ave (north intersection) Tom Roberts Ave (south intersection)  
Templeton St Lyttleton Cr Redfern St  
Tennant St Gladstone St Collie St  
Tharwa Drive Monaro Hwy Pockett Ave/Knoke Ave  
The Causeway Eyre St Cunningham St  
The Valley Avenue Gozzard St Manning Clark Cres  
Theodore St Melrose Dr Carruthers St  
Throssell St Dunstan St Theodore St  
Thynne St Watkin St Eardley St  
Tidbinbilla Road Point Hut Rd Paddys River Rd  
Tillyard Drive Ginninderra Dr Daley Cr (north intersection)  
Tom Price St Canberra Ave  Beaconsfield St  
Tom Roberts Avenue Box Hill Ave (north intersection) Templestowe Ave (north intersection)  
Tom Roberts Avenue Templestowe Ave (south intersection) Box Hill Ave (south intersection)  
Tooth St Dacre St Dacre St  
Torrens St Girrahween St Ipima St  
Townsville St Albany St Gladstone St  
Tralee St Monaro Hwy and Sheppard St Alderson Pl  
Trenerry St Brierly St Liardet St  
Tuggeranong Parkway Glenloch Interchange Drakeford Drive  
University Avenue London Cct Childers St  
Uriarra Road Opperman Avenue Brindabella Rd  
Verbrugghen St Kingsford Smith Dr Copland Dr  
Vernon Circle Northbourne Ave Northbourne Ave  
Vicars St Hoskins St Lysaght St  
Vowels Crescent Eade St Purdie St  
Wakefield Avenue (1) O’Connell St Ebden St  
Wakefield Avenue (2) Northbourne Ave Limestone Ave  
Walpole Crescent Queen Victoria Tce King George Tce  
Ward Road Garran Rd Daley Rd  
Watkin St Battye St Thynne St  
Wattle St Miller St Goodwin St  
Webber Cres Were St (north intersection) Were St (south intersection)  
Well Station Drive Gungahlin Dr Hoskins St  
Wentworth Avenue Hume Pl Brisbane Ave  
Were St Tharwa Dr Johnson Dr  
Whyalla St Canberra Ave Newcastle St  
Wiburd St Tom Roberts Ave Pockett Ave  
Wilkins St Beasley St Heard St  
William Hovell Dr Kingsford Smith Dr Glenloch Interchange  
William Slim Drive Barton Hwy Ginninderra Dr  
William Webb Drive Ginninderra Dr Dumas St  
Wiluna St Ipswich St Lithgow St  
Winchcombe Court Sandford St Sandford St  
Winchcombe Lane Winchcombe Court Heffernan St  
Windeyer St Knox St Phillip Ave  
Wirraway Crescent Ross Smith Cr Kingsford Smith Dr  
Wisdom St Kitchener St Groom St  
Wollongong St Gladstone St Newcastle St  
Woodcock Drive Jim Pike Ave Drakeford Dr  
Woodcock Drive Knoke Ave Lewis Luxton Ave (south intersection)  
Wyangala St Burrinjuck Cr Hindmarsh Dr  
Yallourn St Canberra Ave End  
Yamba Drive Launceston St Long Gully Rd  
Yarra Glen Melrose Dr Cotter Rd  
Yass Road Sutton Rd ACT/NSW border