Pin Oak Renewal Program

The ACT Government is taking proactive steps to renew Canberra’s urban forest.

Several of Canberra’s original Pin oak (Quercus palustris) lined streets require urgent renewal as street trees which have long been in decline have now reached the end of their safe and useful life.

All the Pin oak lined streets in some of Canberra’s oldest streets in the inner north and south have been assessed. We love these beautiful trees and the iconic Canberra landscapes they create but unfortunately, trees have a limited lifespan and some of them have been in decline in recent years.

The continued dieback (caused by factors such as drought and soil compaction) has led to decay in the structural parts of some trees. This presents a hazard and significant risk to property damage and personal injury due to branch and trunk failure.

Stage one

a Pin oak with decay

The project has identified the condition and health of each tree and the first stage of renewal will involve the replacement of 46 trees in very poor condition from three streets:

  • Fawkner Street, Braddon
  • Howitt Street, Kingston
  • Stuart Street, Griffith.

Trees in good and medium condition will be retained and pruning remediation work undertaken where suitable.

In addition to these, 14 trees have been identified for urgent removal by our in-house teams. These trees are on the following streets:

  • Torrens Street, Braddon
  • Macleay Street, Turner
  • Lefroy Street, Griffith
  • Hotham Street, Deakin.
Tree replacement

a row of young Pin oaks trees

To maintain community safety and ensure this aesthetic streetscape and the many benefits received from these trees continues into the future, new advanced Pin oak trees will be planted to replace those that have been removed. Planting will take place early September 2022 and the new trees will be regularly watered and maintained to ensure their successful establishment.

The removed trees are all being replaced with advanced Quercus palustris ‘Freefall’ trees grown locally by Yarralumla Nursery. This is a cultivar of the original oak that looks identical but loses its dead leaves in autumn unlike the original oak which tends to hold onto them until the new shoots push them off.


a pin oak showing dieback

The first stage of the Pin oak street renewal project will begin in August 2022. With further stages and other streets to follow.

Please be assured removing trees is a last resort for the ACT Government and only undertaken when no other suitable management alternative remains. These works reaffirm the ACT Government’s ongoing commitment to the maintenance and enhancement of Canberra’s world-renowned urban forest.

We acknowledge these works will change the appearance of Canberra’s streets but hope with your support, the replacement trees will once again grow to be the next generation of majestic oak-lined streets.

Temporary impacts during tree removal

Tree removals will commence from Wednesday 3 August 2022. Hours of work are between 7 am and 6 pm.

To carry out these works as safely and efficiently as possible, Fawkner Street will be closed between Girrahween Street and Elouera Street between the hours of 7am and 6pm on weekdays from Wednesday 3 August to Wednesday 10 August 2022 (weather permitting). If works are unable to be completed during this time, they will continue on subsequent weekdays. No work will take place on weekends.

Access for residents will be maintained however there may be minor delays during work hours.

Bus route 31 will be diverted to Torrens Street and the four bus stops on Fawkner Street will be closed between 3-10 August 2022. Please utilise the Torrens Street bus stops north of Girrahween Street while Fawkner Street is closed.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while the renewal works are underway.