Trunk Road Infrastructure Standards (TRIS)


Please note that these documents are only for reference and must not form part of any design or construction contract unless otherwise specifically approved by the relevant parties.

These documents have been made available as part of the 18 month controlled rollout of the new Trunk Road Infrastructure Documents and have been release specifically for review and comment only. These documents will ultimately replace the current Design Standards and Standard Specification documents for works on sub-arterial and above road works.

The Austroads series of Guides for provision and management of road and transport infrastructure provides a level of consistency across all jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand. All road authorities have agreed to adopt the Austroads Guides as the primary technical reference, together with the relevant Australian and new Zealand Standards.

The ACT Government has adopted the Austroads guides. Each of the TRIS documents indicates the adoption of the relevant Austroads Guide, sets out specific design supplementary/clarification information to cater for ACT specific requirements, and calls up more detailed technical directions. The TRIS documents have been design to be read in conjunction with the Austroads Guides.

The design of the Trunk road network in the ACT must be in general accordance with the Austroads Guide, and in accordance with the specific provisions within the Trunk Road Infrastructure Standard. Where any differences in practise exist between the Austroads guide and the Trunk Road Infrastructure Standard, the latter will prevail.

Austroads Guide Trunk Road Infrastructure Standards (TRIS)
Austroads Guide to Road Transport PlanningTRIS 01 - Road Planning (PDF 321KB)

Austroads Guide to Road Design

TRIS 02 - Road Design (PDF 2.9MB)
Austroads Guide to Traffic ManagementTRIS 03 - Traffic Management (PDF 1.6MB)
Austroads Guide to Road SafetyTRIS 04 - Road Safety (PDF 270KB)
Austroads Guide to Asset ManagementTRIS 05 - Asset Management (PDF 252KB)
Austroads Guide to Pavement TechnologyTRIS 06 - Pavement Design (PDF 316KB)
Austroads Guide to Bridge TechnologyTRIS 07 - Bridges and Related Structures (PDF 481KB)
Austroads Guide to Road TunnelsTRIS 08 - Road Tunnels (PDF 206KB)
Austroads Guide to Project DeliveryTRIS 09 - Project Delivery (PDF 212KB)
Austroads Guide to Project EvaluationTRIS 10 - Project Evaluation (PDF 239KB)

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