We are responsible for the management of over 760,000 trees on Canberra’s urban public land, and the protection of many trees on leased land. Maintaining these makes Canberra more liveable – for now and the future.

Healthy trees planted in the right location can cool streets, increase property values, improve health and wellbeing, increase wildlife diversity, improve water quality and contribute to friendlier and safer neighbourhoods.

Trees on public land

We manage and maintain trees on suburban streets, along major roads, at local shopping centres and in parks and open space areas in Canberra.

Trees on leased land

Protection of large and significant trees ensures the future of the urban forest.

Tree planting

Suggest planting sites and learn how to help care for street and park trees.

Tree species for Canberra

Fact sheets about tree species that are suitable for urban landscape projects in the ACT.

ACT tree register

The ACT tree register identifies and protects trees of exceptional value.

Canberra tree week

Canberra tree week runs in May each year as a celebration of trees in Canberra.

Autumn leaves map

An interactive map of Canberra's most striking autumn streetscapes.

Spring blossom map

An interactive map of Canberra's spectacular flowering trees.

Frequently asked questions

Common questions about urban trees and useful links.