Domestic animals


Find or return a lost dog, adopt a dog, get advice on caring for your dog and where you can take your dog in the ACT, learn about Domestic Animal Services.


Get advice on caring for your cat including your responsibilities as a cat owner. Learn how to report a lost or found cat and what areas in the ACT cat containment applies.

Animal welfare

How the ACT protects the welfare of animals.

Dangerous dogs

We are responsible for undertaking compliance activities under the Domestic Animals Act.

Animal nuisance

Do you know of a dog causing a nuisance? Get advice and help to deal with it.


Find out where you can ride horses in the ACT.

Assistance animals

The new ACT assistance animal accreditation framework promotes the rights of access of persons with a disability who use an assistance animal.

Domestic Animal Services

Domestic Animal Services is located in Symonston and members of the public can visit the facility during public open times.