About us

Transport Canberra and City Services is a diverse directorate delivering essential services Canberrans rely on each day. The directorate’s functions are managed by the City Services division and the Transport Canberra division.

City Services delivers a range of services including public libraries, the collection of recycling and waste, graffiti removal, shop and playground upgrades and grass mowing. It is responsible for the management of urban trees, public open spaces and city places including maintenance of shops, domestic animal services, animal welfare and other licensing and compliance services including ranger services and permits for public land use. City Services also manages roads, footpaths, street lights and cycle paths.

Transport Canberra manages Canberra’s public transport system. It ensures that buses and light rail are integrated with each other, and with other forms of transport including taxis and active travel elements such as cycling and walking, all of which makes public transport accessible for all Canberrans.

The directorate manages a number of ACT Government businesses such as Capital Linen Service and Yarralumla Nursery and provides administrative oversight to the ACT Public Cemeteries Authority which operates the Woden, Gungahlin and Hall cemeteries.

Through the provision of these core services, Transport Canberra and City Services will ensure Canberra remains a great place to live, work and relax.

Transport Canberra and City Services Organisational Chart (JPG 376.8 KB)