Playground safety inspections

Regular inspections are conducted at all ACT playgrounds. The primary focus of these inspections is to identify any hazards at a particular location, assess the risk then conduct any repairs as required. The type and frequency of the inspections vary, with high usage playgrounds (town and district parks) requiring a more rigorous inspection program than smaller neighbourhood playgrounds.

The Australian Playground Standards (AS/NZS 4486.1 and AS 4685:2014 (Parts 1 to 6)) recommend a three tired approach to safety inspections. The Australian Playground Inspection Standards are not mandatory, however the ACT Government endeavours to achieve the recommended standards as a minimum.

Level 1 inspection

This is a visual inspection and a check for vandalism, sharps and obvious faults with any of the equipment. Litter is collected and bark is raked into the heavy use areas (under swings / slides etc). If a problem is identified at a particular playground, a Level 2 qualified inspector will assess and authorise repairs. The frequency of a Level 1 inspection can vary from daily through to fortnightly depending on the size and use of the playground.

Level 2 inspection

This is a more detailed inspection. All of the level 1 tasks are completed and the equipment is also tested for operation, wear and tear, deterioration and any other faults. If possible, repairs are conducted on site. If necessary parts are ordered and repairs will take place as soon as possible. Depending on the level of risk associated with a particular fault or hazard, the playground may be fenced off / closed until repairs are completed. The frequency of a Level 2 inspection will vary from monthly through to quarterly depending on the size and use of the playground.

Level 3 inspection

This inspection is conducted annually and is undertaken by an independent assessor (external to the ACT Government) with an engineering qualification or equivalent.

The number and type of inspections that each playground receives is reviewed regularly.

If you see a potential safety hazard at a playground, please contact Access Canberra by telephone on 13 22 81 or report to Fix My Street so that appropriate action can be taken as quickly as possible.