Road closures

The map below displays current and upcoming road closures and footpath closures.
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Current Road Closures Current Road Closures Upcoming Road Closures Upcoming Road Closures

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Emergency Closures Emergency Closures

Roads ACT is a proud partner of the Waze - Connected Citizens Program, where Roads ACT shares its road/footpath closures and Waze drivers communicate back real-time traffic congestions and incidents through the Waze app.
A live snapshot of congestions and incidents are displayed on the map for your reference.
These reports are user generated and MUST be interpreted with caution.

Roads ACT will endeavour to use this data to support investment decisions, improve traffic network and improve safety.

Roads most commonly affected by snow and flooding

Snow and floods can cause roads to be temporarily closed. The time for the closures can vary from several hours to several days depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

Under snowing conditions, the following roads are most commonly affected:

Under flooding conditions, the following river crossings are probably affected:

Localised flooding of roads occurs in low lying areas following storms. There is no set pattern to these closures.

Bushfires, high winds causing damage, traffic accidents, landslides and other situations may cause many roads to be closed. The on duty field officers from Roads ACT immediately notifies Access Canberra when they become aware of the closure.

Please call Access Canberra on 13 22 81 or visit the Transport Canberra and City Services media release page for up-to-date information on urgent road closures as this page may experience delays in road closure notifications.

Information on temporary road closures in the southern region of NSW is also available.